ACTION ALERT: Connecticut HB 5832




On January 24, 2013, HB 5832 was introduced by Representative Diana S. Urban (D) and referred to the Joint Committee on Environment. It seeks to ban entirely Boas and Burmese pythons.

HB 5832 proposes that section 26-40a of the general statutes be amended to provide that “the sale, transfer or breeding of certain exotic animals is also prohibited and to add tigers, mole vipers, boa constrictors, burmese pythons and sea snakes to the list of prohibited animals. . .”
Herp Alliance strongly opposes HB 5832.  Since 1990, Connecticut has never had a human death or injury resulting from any species of constrictor snake.  In fact, since 1990, Connecticut has never had a human death resulting from any reptile of any species.

Please contact the Connecticut Joint Committee on the Environment to voice your opposition.  You can use our form below, which will send an email to each member of the committee from you, or you can use the contact information provided beneath it to draft your own email to each committee member.


  • Fill out the form below;
  • Personalize your message in the box below or just sign it if you wish;
  • Fill in the text code below; and
  • Hit send!

We have temporarily taken our form down.  After successfully sending 360 emails to the Connecticut Committee members, our emails are being rejected as spam.  We are redesigning our forms now and will have a new form up later this evening.


Connecticut General Assembly Committee on the Environment:

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