New York Seeks to Criminalize Wild Animal and Reptile Ownership

Seal-of-New-YorkOn January 18, 2013, Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark  (D-Queens Village) introduced Assembly Bill 2869 which was referred to Agriculture the same day.  A2869 seeks to criminalize all ownership of wild animals or reptiles “capable of inflicting bodily harm upon a human” as a felony.  The full text of A2869 is linked (above) and it is quoted verbatim below as well.

Herp Alliance strongly opposes A2869.  The definition of “capable of inflicting bodily harm upon a human” covers all reptiles without exception and seeks to make ownership of reptiles in New York a felony.

Full Text:

370. PROHIBITION OF THE OWNERSHIP, POSSESSION OR HARBORING OF wild animals and reptiles. Any person owning, possessing or harboring a wild animal or reptile capable of inflicting bodily harm upon a human being is guilty of a CLASS E FELONY AS DEFINED BY THE PENAL LAW.

FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS SECTION, “WILD animal”  IS DEFINED IN ACCORDANCE TO PARAGRAPH E OF SUBDIVISION SIX OF SECTION 11-0103 OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION LAW.  Previous attacks upon a human being by such wild animal or reptile, or knowledge of the vicious propensities of such wild animal or reptile, on the part of the possessor or harborer thereof, shall not be required to be proven by the people upon a prosecution hereunder; and neither the fact that such wild animal or reptile has not previously attacked a human being, nor lack of knowledge of the vicious propensities of such wild animal or reptile on the part of the owner, possessor or harborer thereof shall constitute a defense to a prosecution hereunder.

S 2. This act shall take effect on the first of November next succeeding the date on which it shall have become a law.

25 thoughts on “New York Seeks to Criminalize Wild Animal and Reptile Ownership”

    1. i am a woman but this woman should not be in office and definatly should not be making laws. DOGS have inflicted more injury and death then all the wild animals put together. what is interesting is owners are responsible for what their animals do. this womans mentality is either arrest everyone and fine them or put them in jail and she has become the great protector of everyone, she will be telling you what to wear, what to eat, what to watch , when to go to bed, basicly she will tell you how to live your life. THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

  1. Suggesting to outlaw any animal that can cause human bodily harm would cause a ban on every animal. Do you really want to outlaw dogs and cats, even fish can bite. People need to grow up and get a freakin life.

  2. Ah but Bobby they only want to outlaw wild animals and reptiles. Someone has an agenda.. even though horses and dogs kill MANY people every year, and reptiles, typically, NONE.

    1. Thanks for your note, Dave. Herp Alliance will be releasing an action alert tonight. The information will be announced on our Facebook page and via direct mail through our mailing list. If you have not signed up for our mailing list and wish to do so, you can click on this link.

  3. Just want to say thank you Erika and Andrew for helping defend our rights and for watching our backs so we can hopefully get the members of the reptile community out front and fighting for our rights too !!


  5. Well New York, I do not agree with this proposal. It is unjust, for licensed owners. If responsible owners have had reptiles piror to the implemented. Law that could cause bodily harm to humans, that have not done so, what would happen to the animals and or owners? Why not implement a law that requires an owners safety course like what is done to Ger a gun permit and hunting license? That would make more sense. Like a ball python could cause bodily harm to a child under the age of 13. Even though ball pythons do not get larger then the average 6 1/2 foot?? This is stupid and needs to be reconsidered for the rights of good owners and their animals

    1. I can assure you most of NY does not support this bill. We (those of us that do not live directly in NYS) get this crap shoved down our throat day in and day out by the majority of legislators that come from NYC. We have no representation in this state because NYC rules the show. Notice the politicians location who presented the bill. Just like the recent gun law, this will get pushed through without any meaningful opposition because these people are agenda driven morons.

  6. isn’t there other more important issues that should be looked into in NY instead of the kind of pet someone wants to have? What about oh let’s say crime, drugs, slum lords, prostitution, gangs, corrupt law officials and police. They should be looking to clean up the elements of the city and leave the private citizen and what kind of pet they chose to have alone.

  7. I dont even live near New York, but I would totally oppose this ban. I dont have any reptiles either, but I feel trying to decide what type of pet a person may have is against everything our country was founded on…. when did we start throwing our constitutional rights out the window? Who might they be endangering….? Someone trying to steal their pet? Most of them are kept in escape proof housing unless their owner has them out to handle them & the majority of these pet owners do their homework & keep vigilant for the safety of their pet as well as anyone it might be in contact with.

  8. This is the the most stupid idiotic ban I’ve heard of.take care of the rat problems throughout the city or do you think that’s not causing harm to anyone.why do the law abiding people get attacked by the government but the criminals get left alone

  9. Can we just say this is a bunch of bull. Make more reasons for people to rebel. More reasons why I dislike ny we can have dogs and cats that do more damage to humans and property damage but can’t own reptiles. What a joke this state is.

  10. This is a total crock of bull…We rescued our bearded dragon and getting another one….These laws are stupid…why dont they worry about the abusers of animals and children….what about the amish who killed a mother and 9 pups cause they didnt sell…WHY DONT YOU WORRY ABOUT CANCER ……or something that needs attention… shes afraid thats her deal!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Is There Any Criteria To Pass To Become A Public Official. It’s Blatantly Obvious This Woman Is Mentally Unstable And Fully Unsuitable In ANY Public Position. We Need A Bill Requiring A Full Psychiatric Work-Up On Anybody Running For Office.

  12. Wild animals are a majestic animal. How can people even think of hurting them and more over the cubs look so damn cute… How i wish i could have one… just one touch for that matter..

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