Komodo Dragon Eggs Hatched at Memphis Zoo

By Erika N. Chen-Walsh


Fewer than 20 zoos in the United States have successfully bred Komodo dragons, and only approximately half of those who have done have been able to do it multiple times. However, the Memphis Zoo has recently hatched baby Komodo dragons for the third time in just a bit more than a year.  This is good news for this endangered species. Fewer than 4,000 are believed to survive, on the eastern Indonesian islands of Komodo.

“It certainly is significant (for) any institution that is producing dragons,” said Rick Haeffner with the Denver Zoo. “For very many years, U.S. zoos had dragons, but they weren’t successfully reproduced until the early ’90s.”

The baby dragons began hatching from eggs that are the  size of potatoes on Jan. 2nd to parents Hollywood Jeff and Norberta.  

Congratulations to the Memphis Zoo, Hollywood Jeff and Norberta on their progress in conservation through captive breeding!

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