Where Are HSUS Funds Going? Not Where You Think.

stop_sign_HSUSIf you have donated to the Humane Society of United States, chances are the only thing you have helped is the HSUS lobbying fund and their lawyer fees. Like you, most of us have been in the dark about the contributions of HSUS when it comes to rescuing pets and animals. HSUS does NOT run a single local shelter and the very little (less than 1%) they donate, goes to the actual welfare of homeless pets.

Richard Rice, Atlanta Humane Society GM says “They (HSUS) may have the resources to initialize the rescue but then again, the animals go to a local shelter somewhere in the country.” It is the local shelters who pay for the upkeep and care of these animals. So if HSUS isn’t contributing towards the care of these animals, then where is all the money ($122 million in 2011) going??

Aptly summed in five words – Fundraising, Advertising, Lobbying, Salaries and Employee pensions and benefits (FALSE):

  • According to their 2011 tax records, 41% of their funds were dedicated to marketing & advertising
  • In 2010, Wayne Pacelle stated that HSUS had about 50 lawyers of the 636 total employees. The White House had 454 employees in 2011!
  • HSUS recently deposited more than $11 million in its executive pension funds
  • HSUS has $32.7 million invested in Wall Street hedge funds
  • HSUS is using your donations for their defense against charges of corruption in federal court

Source:  http://www.humanesocietydonations.org/hsus-facts/?gclid=CIm00N6jrLUCFe1AMgodrjcAJg

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