West Virginia Action Alert on HB 2209

stsealTo better understand WV HB 2209, please read the Herp Alliance Position Statement on it.

Please complete the form below to send an email to each member of the West Virginia House Committee on Natural Resources.  Herp Alliance has included a sample letter for you.  Contacting the committee members is easy.  Just follow the simple instructions below.

If you would prefer to send individual emails to each committee member (and we do recommend personalized contact, the list of members and their email addresses is included at the bottom of this article.

In any communications with the legislators, please be civil and courteous and always thank them for their time.

Thank you for your help and grassroots support!


  • Fill out the form below;
  • Personalize your message in the box below or just sign it if you wish;
  • Fill in the text code below; and
  • Hit send!

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 West Virginia House Committee on Natural Resources Contact List

Delegate Craig – Chair                           kjcraigwv@aol.com

Delegate Pino – Vice-Chair                     john.pino@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Hamilton – Minority Chair       bill.hamilton@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Ireland – Minority Vice-Chair  woody.ireland@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Eldridge                                   jeff.eldridge@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Guthrie                                     nancy.guthrie@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Jones                                       ronnie.jones@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Manypenny                              mike.manypenny@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Moore                                       clif.moore@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Moye                                         rickymoye@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Phillips, L.                                    linda.phillips@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Phillips, R.                                rupert.phillips@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Sponaugle                                isaac.sponaugle@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Swartzmiller                             rswartzmiller@gmail.com

Delegate Tomblin                                    ted.tomblin@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Wells                                         danny.wells@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Anderson                                  bill.anderson@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Butler                                        jim.butler@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Canterbury                               ray.canterbury@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Ellem                                         john.ellem@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Evans                                        allen.evans@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Romine                                     roger.romine@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Shott                                         john.shott@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Smith, R.                                  randy.smith@wvhouse.gov

Delegate Walters                                     ron.walters@wvhouse.gov

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