HSUS Pushes To Add Boas & Reticulated Pythons To Lacey Act

500_Seal_Of_The_President_Of_The_United_States_Of_America.The Herp Alliance has been informed through reliable sources that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is petitioning President Barack Obama and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to finalize the ‘Constrictor Rule’ that was partially enacted in January 2012. HSUS seeks to finalize the ‘Constrictor Rule’ by adding Boa constrictor, reticulated python, DeSchauensee’s anaconda, green anaconda and Beni anaconda to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. If these species are added to the Injurious list they will go the way of the Burmese python; import and interstate transport will be criminalized. Tens of thousands of herpetoculturists could potentially become Lacey Act felons facing high monetary fines and prison time for transporting them across state lines.

Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar

Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar

Secretary Salazar will resign as Interior Secretary at the end of March. HSUS hopes to persuade him to finalize the ‘Constrictor Rule’ as one of his final acts as Secretary. HSUS is desperate to get Boa constrictor and reticulated python added to the Injurious list as a part of their continuing campaign to criminalize reptile ownership.

Please follow the link below to contact President Obama and voice your opposition to adding boas, reticulated pythons, or any other constrictors to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. Please do it today! Tell your friends, family and sphere of influence. The deadline is the end of March! DO IT NOW!

Click Here to Contact President Barack Obama Today!

31 Responses to HSUS Pushes To Add Boas & Reticulated Pythons To Lacey Act

  1. I don’t own any snakes but this is just plain stupid.

  2. Just a dumb idea. Lets take off burms. This is all ridiculous

  3. Mike Cianciolo

    Snakes are my life!! Can’t live without them

  4. this is ridiculous to add boas and reticulated pythons to the list they aren’t taking over any where in the u.s!!!

  5. i breed retic’s they are great snakes if take the time to handle them correctly

  6. Another fine example of stupid people making stupid rules about things they know nothing about. They blame “irresponsible owners” for an incident of escape that occured at a research facility during a hurricane to make a bogus point about dangerous snakes and their impact on the environment. These snake are having about as minimal of an impact as you could imagine. Think about it, a 17 foot Burm isn’t eating every day. It’s eating maybe one or twice a month. Yes, it’s having an impact but nothing like what the media is portraying.

    I’m a noob in the herp world and I’ll tell you, I had a LOT of myths dispelled simply by owning these beautiful animals. The HSUS might be okay with dogs and cats but I’ve yet to see anything resembling knowledgeable or informed information coming from them ever. Stupid idea that needs to be vetted by true herps that know what in the hell they’re talking about before this is enacted.

  7. No matter how often you punish good reasonable, responsible owners for the acts of irresponsible people, it will never change the acts of irresponsible people. At the rate that the HSUS steals our rights to have, keep and enjoy the pet of our choice and we allow them, the joys of pet ownership, ALL pet ownership will be a thing of dreams. . They like PETA will stop at nothing to remove the rights of people with lies fake studies. They accomplish this by tugging at the heart strings and fear triggers of people to lazy to become informed and to stupid to attempt to become educated. Its disgusting and served nothing save ensuring that one day the only people that will have snakes and be teaching others about them are the creeps and thugs and fools and idiots that always put a bad light on a beautiful and educational hobby.

  8. Heather Johnson

    Dogs are much more dangerous and cats are more of a nuisance than any snake. Stop this ban now!!

  9. Thomas Roberti

    This is our happiness. This is our joy…our way to connect.. people don’t understand the kindness of the reptiles… you have to stop the bans on ownership of certain reptiles… you ban theses animals…you put so many mom and pop stores and so many facilities that construct and model all the supplies to keep and house these amazing creatures out of business and put hurt on so many families all around the country …we need these animals in our life…this is our sanity…our comfort…Obama i ask you pleas say no to these snake bans… Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely Thomas Roberti.

  10. jonathan sanchez

    This is BS!!!!

  11. elizabeth sanchez

    Y are you guys acting stupid?

  12. christopher decker

    This is stuped i hade a boa never hert no one thay are god creacters dogs do more harm then theas beautiful snakes stop the bane

  13. Mike Cianciolo

    Also why the fuc* ban snakes in places that if they get out or get released they will die from the cold temperatures. And if someone gets hurt its there own fault for being stupid. “Ban stupid not snakes!!!!!”

  14. Just goes to show the village people are trying to reunite with their village idiot. Their is 9 Trillion Dollars missing from our Treasury that no one seems to know what happened to and HSUS is going to bother them about the Lacey Act. Pffffft! If Obama even responds to this would amaze me but Kenneth Salazar looks like a snake hater so who knows. We are the 99% so it doesn’t really matter.

  15. The Burmese pythons I could ALMOST accept being banned in Florida, ONLY because of the problems lately, but even then, I think they should just be more restricted instead of banned, but BOAS? Yes, boas can attack people, but I don’t think there’s even been any cases of people being killed by a boa. This is ridiculous and they know it but they’ll do everything in their power to try to take everything away. My boa is practically my best friend. Take her away and watch how fucking pissed I get… I will NOT sit by and let them ruin people’s lives and happiness.

  16. Please stop this stupidity. Boas and retics are pets. They may not be able to be walked at the dog park, or lay in window sills, but they are peoples pet of choice. We all know Florida has a problem. We are all aware. What wd be great, is if someone of higher authority, wd actually realize, that we know there is a problem in florida too. If for no other reason than so you are educated, research and understand that people are not the reason for the problem in florida, it is mother nature. A hurricane. Also, placing these animals under the lacey act, and calling them “dangerous” to the environment, anywhere outside the confines of southern florida, is ludicrous. They have to be warm. In order to live. I can turn loose a 1000 pythons in North carolina. And by Dec, 1000 pythons will be dead.
    This hunt for “the pet of the month” by HSUS needs to be halted.
    Please, stop this madness.

  17. Farm animals harm more people then snakes. Why band things just because you don’t like or know anything about them? What’s happening to America? Freedom!

  18. Lenny Cristino

    All this is really a waste of time reptiles to people aren’t just pets it’s there life

  19. More people die every year from bee stings, dog attacks and getting kicked by a horse then the ratio of people who die from a snake. Quit attacking snakes!

  20. Cats are an invasive species in all the lower 48 states. Quit trying to ban something you people know nothing about.

  21. Banning these snakes will ruin the lives of people who provide food for them as well as the people who build cages for them and even those who provide the material for the cages. There are people who’s lives revolve around selling snakes and taking care of them. More people are killed by dogs and alcohol than snakes each year….

  22. Crazy Reptiles

    Snakes have become my life and that of my fiancé along with our other reptiles…it’s bs to put a ban on them cuz of a few careless owners that can not take care of them don’t punish those of us that care and house them properly stop the banning them they are just misunderstood

  23. This is getting out of hand, stripping our right one day t a time while crushing a billion dollar industry.

  24. Aaron Bortoletto

    Whatever happened to “The land of the free”. These days we aren’t free to do anything, even something as simple as keeping the pets we want to keep.
    Instead of blanket bans of animals why don’t you start punishing irresponsible people for the stupid things they do.

  25. Slowly this country is dissolving by focusing on matters that are no threat. They should focus on debt and not our pets we know how to take care of .

  26. No ban.

  27. To most owners love their beautiful snakes like they love their children!! Like any pet if they are cared for properly they are great pets. PLZ don’t ban these creatures !!!

  28. Lacey Act was ment for the protection of endangered species…constrictors are not endangered. This application on constrictors on the Lacey Act is an abuse to the Act. Don’t allow constrictors to be added to this law.

  29. ‘Ridiculous’ is an understatement when this “law/bill” comes into play.

    More people are seriously injured/killed in GOLF annually than are owners, or the general public when it comes to large constrictors. Funny, I haven’t seen Tiger Woods, Rory McCellroy, or Bubba Watson being banned from doing what they love because it is deadly. Instead, I see multi-million endorsement deals being handed out to them, & encouragement to participate in this dangerous sport to the general public by idolizing them as role-models.

    Feral dogs are a higher threat to the large Metropolitan areas of the US than snakes will EVER be in Florida. More individuals are hospitalized DAILY from “TAME” dog attacks than snakes owners are in an entire YEAR. Stop being silly…you’re cute dog is more likely to attack, a baby/child/adult than my Boa…Do some REAL research, then come back to reputable, reptile owners with a REAL problem…until then, I’ll be enjoying my time with my SNAKE, AND my DOGS.

    It’s all about responsible ownership…

  30. The Lacey act is completely ignorant. It is being pushed without knowledgeable reason. The majority of pythons in Florida were not pets let loose. They were zoo captives that got loose in hurricane Andrew. The snakes were in Florida for all the people with this ban idea to see and enjoy at a zoo. Now that something went wrong they all want to freak out and blame the pet owners.

  31. This is just wrong, snakes are people’s pets. You’re more likely to get killed by a squirrel(rabies) than a non venomous pet snake. I’m a proud owner of a ball python, boa, carpet and reticulated python. I have NEVER been bitten by either my boa or retic..also I live in New England and none of my snakes would survive a week in the winter here..let alone reproduce and become a problematic invasive species.

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