One thought on “Comparison of Average Annual Deaths From Select Causes”

  1. It continues to amaze me that our lawmakers spend time and money supplied by taxpayers to persue “fear driven” legislation over and over again to promote their political ajendas! Such time could be spent fixing problems they have already created with previous legislations such as US tax structures and domestic policies in dire need of upgrading! The “too little, too late”, “feel good” legislation to create more buracracy and stiffle individual freedoms is unwarrented! Feral cats and feral hogs do more damage to the enviornment than all imported reptiles in US even if they were all released by every reptile owner in the US! If you want to legislate anything why not something to curb feral cats that destroy billions of native birds, mammals and reptiles in the country every year? Why not legislate something to assist those of us plagued by feral hog damage across the entire US instead of national legislation against harmless reptiles that can not servive anywhere in the continental US except the state of Florida where they have profited from the reptile industry since the 1960’s? But, I guess to accomplish something politive for our country isn’t why you were elected in the first place!

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