Nevada AB 246: Reptile Show Ban

HA Logo REDOn March 13th, 2013 Assembly Bill 246 was introduced into the Nevada General Assembly and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining. AB 246 seeks to ammend Chapter 574 of NRS and would prohibit the sale or transfer of ownership of a live animal at a swap meet. “Swap meet” means a flea market, open-air market or other organized event at which two or more persons offer merchandise for sale or exchange. If passed as written AB 246 would be a total ban on reptile trade shows in Nevada.

6 thoughts on “Nevada AB 246: Reptile Show Ban”

  1. There is absolutely no reason as to why there should be a reptile ban in Nevada. This also would set a very dangerous precedent for other states.

  2. This is absurd. Expos are great educational resources. My daughter is 5 and is fascinated with anything that slithers and/or has scales. she was so excited about this event and it is truly disappointing that it may not occur because legislature demands more control. If we keep reducing education opportunities, there is little hope for our childrens future.

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