ACTION ALERT: Illinois SB 2362

HA Logo REDBy Erika N. Chen-Walsh

Herp Alliance broke the news of Illinois SB 2362 on March 17, 2013.   We have also prepared a comprehensive summary of the provisions of SB 2362 which can be read here.

Herp Alliance endorses SB 2362.

(Please click on these links to read SB 2362 2nd amendment and SB 2362 3rd amendment.)

Herp Alliance announced the Senate Committee Hearing on SB 2362, which took place on April 16, 2013.  Erika Chen-Walsh testified in favor of SB 2362 at the request of Scott Ballard, Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Senator Clayborne, the bill’s sponsor.  SB 2362 passed out  of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Conservation on a vote of 7-0 in favor with one vote of “present.”

At the committee hearing, the Humane Society of the United States opposed SB 2362 and since then, HSUS has raised more opposition to it.  HSUS wants to increase restrictions on boas, pythons and anacondas, calling them “high maintenance, deadly predators” and is attempting to influence legislators to implement such a change.

We need YOUR HELP for SB 2362 to pass its third reading on the Illinois Senator Floor before it moves to the Illinois House.  Please contact your state senators and ask them to vote YES on SB 2362.

A complete list of Illinois senators can be found here:  Illinois Senators.

Here are the major talking points in favor of SB 2362:

  • SB 2362 has wide support within the State: trade show organizers, zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, private breeders, pet store owners, pet owners and the public.
  • SB 2362 will enhance public safety.
    • In the history of Illinois, there has only been a single documented incident involving a human injury from a captive reptile (1999) and if SB 2362 had been in place, it would not have occurred because the python would have been in an escape proof enclosure. 
    • However, SB 2362 imposes caging requirements and management practices on all keepers of constrictor snakes and other appropriate species. 
    • It establishes a permit system for the keeping of limited venomous animals and certain monitor lizards and requires liability insurance covering those animals.
    • SB 2362 imposes strict liability on all reptile and amphibian keepers for incidents arising out of the keeping of such animals. Illinois has a similar legislation in place for equines. 
    • SB 2362 will also protect the animals
      • The caging, education and care requirements for limited venomous reptiles and monitor lizards provide a sound basis for good animal husbandry to allow qualified people to work with these special animals.
    • SB 2362 is good for Illinois Business.
      • The reptile industry in Illinois generates approximately $25 million in revenues for our state.
      • The reptile industry employs individuals, supports small Illinois businesses and supplements the income of thousands of Illinois families.
      • SB 2362 protects the industries that generate that income for Illinois. It protects the right of private keepers to responsibly keep reptiles and amphibians in this state and allows these thriving small businesses to continue to grow and operate.
    • SB 2362 reduces bureaucracy.
      • By placing all reptile and amphibians under the umbrella of a single statute, SB 2362 simplifies enforcement of all issues concerning these animals.
    • In summary, SB 2362 is good for the Illinois public; it is good for the animals; it is good for Illinois business, and it simplifies enforcement of Illinois law. SB 2362 is good for Illinois.

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