HSUS Seeks to Ban Ball Pythons and All Large Constrictors in Illinois


We have learned that HSUS is making a strong initiative in Illinois to amend SB 2362.  The features of the amendment sought by HSUS:

  • Total ban on all crocodilians;
  • Total ban on all venomous;
  • Total ban on the keeping of Komodo dragons and crocodile monitors;
  • Keeping of all pythons (including ball pythons), anacondas and all boas with permit only, including liability insurance and only for educational programs.
  • HSUS is seeking to ban the breeding of all pythons, boas and anacondas entirely in Illinois.

Illinois residents, please act on the Herp Alliance Action Alert regarding SB 2362 today!

5 thoughts on “HSUS Seeks to Ban Ball Pythons and All Large Constrictors in Illinois”

  1. I am not a resident of Illinois. But, seeing my fellow American citizens on the verge of losing more rights makes me sick! I am a veteran and after serving I got out of the military and got into breeding reptiles. Getting to be my own boss, and not having the high stress of the military/ war has been so rewarding. Now that all the bans are trying to go through my income has been severely crippled. Banning BP’s and other reptiles in Illinois we also impact me making a decent living. HSUS don’t make another homeless vet. Also, leave small/local business alone! The US is in rough enough condition already. I hope to someday live in an America free of these corrupt “Animal Rights” groups.
    Thanks for taking the time to listen to me rant.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to give your perspective, Mr. Meyer, and thanks especially for your service to our country.

  3. This sort of thing shows the true colors of HSUS. An organization trying to ban captive breeding is NOT working in favor of the animals! Many of the large constrictors are CITES-listed and are severely persecuted in their native habitats, where they are hunted for their skins; others are threatened by habitat loss. I wish these people would finally come out and admit their true animal-hating agenda, rather than cowering behind a name that misleads the general public. I too used to think that a HUMANE SOCIETY cannot possibly be anti-animal, especially given the hard work and dedication shown by local humane societies in the protection and re-homing of abandoned pets – and that’s the public percetion that they’re counting on.

  4. this is not fair at all… all this is doing is punishing the people othere like me that are doing the right things and keeping their snakes healthy and happy… im not breeding and im not selling but i love my mollie.. this is not in the best interests of the animals at all. this is taking loved and happy animals away from owners who are doing the right thing. do they really think that this will stop the breeders who are only in it for the money? the ones who dont give a shit about the animals? i dont think so …

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