RED ALERT: Reptile Shows in Nevada at Risk!

Take Action: Nevada AB 246

Please call the Nevada Senate Committee on Natural Resources TODAY and register NO on AB 246. It is scheduled for a vote TODAY at 1:30pm PDT. The US HA Logo REDHerpetoculture Alliance has offered an amendment to limit the definition of “swap meet” to include ONLY “outdoor” venues. Without this amendment ALL reptile shows in Nevada could be prohibited! At this juncture Herp Alliance has received no indication that this amendment will be accepted. Call the Senate Committee on Natural Resources today and register NO on AB 246. The deadline for the Committee to take action on AB 246 is tomorrow May 17, 2013. Today is the last Committee hearing prior to the deadline. If AB 246 doesn’t get voted on today the bill will be dead.

Sample Script: (be polite and professional)

Please vote NO on AB 246 “swap meet” bill. It gives an overly broad definition to the term “swap meet” and will cost the State of Nevada hundreds of thousands of dollars from the elimination of professional reptile trade shows held in the state. The definition should be limited to “outdoor” venues only. This will hurt tourism revenues coming into the State of Nevada.

Chair: Aaron D. Ford (D)- (Cell) 702-772-5544

Vice Chair: Mark A. Manendo (D)- 775-684-6503

Tick Segerblom (D)- (Wk) 775-684-1422
James A. Settelmeyer (R)- (Cell) 775-450-6114
Pete Goicoechea (R)- (Cell) 775-778-1620

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