VETO West Virginia HB 4393

veto HB 4393On March 6, 2014, the West Virginia Senate passed House Bill 4393, the Dangerous Wild Animals Act, on a vote of 69 yeas, 23 nays, and 8 not voting.

This bill is over reaching, unnecessary, creates an unfunded mandate for the state and is unconstitutionally vague.  The only hurdle that remains before it becomes law in West Virginia is Governor Tomblin’s signature.  In 2012, Governor Tomblin had the strength of conviction to veto a very similar bill, and Herp Alliance has asked him to use that same strength in exercising his veto again.

Please click on the links below to see our letter to Governor Tomblin and to download talking points on HB 4393.

Herp Alliance letter to Governor Tomblin urging him to veto HB 4393.

Herp Alliance HB 4393 Talking Points

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