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Nevada AB 246: Reptile Show Ban

HA Logo REDOn March 13th, 2013 Assembly Bill 246 was introduced into the Nevada General Assembly and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining. AB 246 seeks to ammend Chapter 574 of NRS and would prohibit the sale or transfer of ownership of a live animal at a swap meet. “Swap meet” means a flea market, open-air market or other organized event at which two or more persons offer merchandise for sale or exchange. If passed as written AB 246 would be a total ban on reptile trade shows in Nevada.

UPDATE from Nevada

nevadaHerp Alliance has learned directly from Senator Roberson that the Nevada exotic animal bill is still in bill draft at this time and will not be introduced today.  However, he expects it to be released from bill draft review soon.

Senator Roberson elaborated that it is not the broad ban on reptiles and exotics that has been reported in the press.  He stated that it is intended to ban private ownership of, “the ones you would expect — chimpanzees, lions — the ones that have the ability to get loose and cause chaos.”

He further stated that very few reptiles will be included in the bill, which will include some venomous snakes, “but not all of them.”  He did not state what reptiles will be included.

Herp Alliance will continue to monitor the anticipated bill in Nevada and bring you news as it breaks.

Nevada Exotics Animal Bill is Coming

nevadaIn July 2012, Nevada Senator Michael Roberson (R) laid the groundwork for proposing sweeping, new exotic animal restrictions in the state of Nevada, that would include reptiles.  Since that time, there have been ongoing talks and meetings in Nevada with between stakeholders, the HSUS Regional State Director, Holly Haley, and Senator Roberson’s office.  HSUS is significantly influencing whatever bill will be proposed.  (Herp Alliance was provided a copy of an earlier draft, which was posted here.)

All Bill Draft Requests (BDRs) in Nevada must be submitted no later than February 18, 2013 for this session. By that date, Senator Roberson’s bill should become public information.

Herp Alliance shall continue to post details as they become available.