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Wilkins et al. v Ohio Department of Agriculture – the Appeal is Lost

On March 4, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued its opinion on on Wilkins et al. v. Ohio Department of Agriculture affirming the lower court decision and denying the relief sought by the plaintiffs. (See 13-3112.)  We will provide legal analysis on the decision shortly.

It is unknown whether the plaintiffs will seek further review.

This unfortunate decision is the culmination of a two year battle in the state of Ohio on its broad reaching and onerous exotic animal ban.  Herp Alliance has written extensively on the topic  (see links at the end of this article).

In the mean time, Herp Alliance wishes to commend and to thank those responsible for fighting this fight, including Terry Wilkins of Captive Born Reptiles who was instrumental and at the battlefront at all stages in Ohio.  He testified in the congressional hearings and he was the first named plaintiff on the complaint.  Thanks also to Polly Britton of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners (OAAO), all of the named plaintiffs, and each and every person who donated funds to help with this litigation.

Stand ready.  If after consulting with their attorneys, the plaintiffs decide to appeal further, they will need your donations.

Further reading on SB 310 and the situation in Ohio:

Ohio Action Alert

OHDonations are needed to fund the appeal against Ohio’s Dangerous Wild Animals Act.  Herp Alliance is not involved in the lawsuit, but we ask you to please consider helping our exotic animal friends in Ohio.  This fight affects us all.  For more information, visit OAAO Membership.

From Polly Briton at the Ohio Association of Animal Owners ~

IMPORTANT ATTORNEY UPDATE — We had a teleconference with the attorney at 1:30 today (3/13/13). The preliminary papers have been filed for the appeal and the transcript of the trial (December 2012) has been prepared and will be released as soon as the court receives payment for the transcript. That payment amounts to approximately $2,300. We are mailing $1,000 of it tomorrow morning and that will deplete our Legal Fund until more items are sold and paid for, or we receive some more cash donations. That means we need to raise $1,300 quickly. If the transcript isn’t paid for soon, the court could administratively dismiss the appeal case. We’ve been sending the attorney $$ all along, but most of what we’ve sent since December has gone to pay for the deposition transcripts, not to the attorney himself. He’s been patient and isn’t pressing us for the money other than we have to get this transcript paid for in order for him to proceed with the briefs. Everybody’s been so good about donating items and cash and buying items on this site, I hate to ask for more; but everyone needs to know that if we want the appeal to go forward, this bill must be paid.

Also, as soon as the transcript is paid for and released, the media will be able to get their hands on it, which is a good thing. One of the things that came out at trial was John Moore’s unrefuted testimony that the Zanesville deputies shot the Thompson animals execution style. It’s about time that those details make it into the media, as well as John’s statements concerning who was the first to find Thompson’s body, and what was and wasn’t there when the body was first found.