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UPDATE: West Virginia HB 4393

capitol buildingHerp Alliance has spoken to Governor Tomblin’s aide. The Governor has not yet received HB 4393 and has therefore not reviewed it.  Herp Alliance has opened a dialogue with the governor’s office and we will report on future developments.

Some tips on dealing with this issue:

  • Please do NOT contact Governor Tomblin unless you are a West Virginia resident or you do business in West Virginia.  You will cause them to have animosity to our issues, and West Virginia does not care about your opinion if you are not a constituent.
  • If you have already contacted Governor Tomblin’s office, do not contact them again unless you have something new to say or to add.  HB 4393 has already passed out of both chambers.  Alienating the Governor will damage our credibility.
  •  Governor Tomblin did NOT veto this bill last year.  In 2012 he vetoed a similar bill.  In 2013, a similar bill passed the Senate but was never called in the House Committee for hearing.   If you call, please be sure you have the correct facts.
  • Be courteous. This Governor has demonstrated the courage to do the right thing in the past.  Please do not alienate him or his office staff.
  • HB 4393 has the strong support of HSUS.  Please be clear on your facts, and be professional.  There are plenty of good, legitimate reasons for Governor Tomblin to veto this bill and the argument needs to be coherent and persuasive.

VETO West Virginia HB 4393

veto HB 4393On March 6, 2014, the West Virginia Senate passed House Bill 4393, the Dangerous Wild Animals Act, on a vote of 69 yeas, 23 nays, and 8 not voting.

This bill is over reaching, unnecessary, creates an unfunded mandate for the state and is unconstitutionally vague.  The only hurdle that remains before it becomes law in West Virginia is Governor Tomblin’s signature.  In 2012, Governor Tomblin had the strength of conviction to veto a very similar bill, and Herp Alliance has asked him to use that same strength in exercising his veto again.

Please click on the links below to see our letter to Governor Tomblin and to download talking points on HB 4393.

Herp Alliance letter to Governor Tomblin urging him to veto HB 4393.

Herp Alliance HB 4393 Talking Points